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Large Houses

What are commercial boilers?

Generally boilers installed in large houses, offices, social clubs, schools,
golf clubs and churches quite often require a single or multiple large
boilers with outputs over 70kW’s; these are classed as commercial boilers.

Who can work on them?

Engineers who work on individual boilers or groups of boilers over 70kw’s
require additional skills and qualifications in the commercial sector. We have
engineers with the necessary skills and qualifications to work on these boilers.

Energy Saving

With old boilers a lot of fuel is wasted up the flue, this combined with poor or
no controls can mean a very inefficient system. Massive savings can be made
by installing new condensing boilers and building management controls
(BMS). The larger the output of the boiler, the greater the importance is of
having the right type of controls to maximise the fuel usage.

New Boilers

When it comes to installing commercial installations, careful consideration
should be made for the future maintenance and repair of the system and its
components. Working on large systems can be time consuming and costly, it
is therefore important to ensure that necessary controls and isolation valves
are installed to reduce maintenance time.

This may add some additional costs to the installation job, but will save you
money over the life of the installation. When we quote to carry out work, we
will ensure the right controls and components are installed to increase fuel
efficiency and minimise maintenance work.

Cutting corners on the installation can cost you dearly later.

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